High Wolf (vrijdag)

High Wolf (vrijdag)

Elektronisch en psychedelisch, eigenzinnige mix van wereldmuziek bracht hem va US tot Japan en van Brazilië tot Rusland.en ook nog China. En Australië. En Mechelen..

Although based in France, High Wolf’s music finds inspiration from all over the globe. Whether channelling the meditative energies of music from India, Nepal and Central Asia on previous records for Not Not Fun & Bathetic, or finding inspiration from the rhythmic sounds of West & South Africa, High Wolf create a hybridized form of global psychedelic electronic music.

« The sounds are those of a celebration of life and fraternity, the colours are warm like an African dress, feelings are positive and strong, thoughts are accelerating and multiplying the same way the universe is expanding, » says High Wolf.

On Growing Wild, High Wolf’s latest full-length and first with Matthewdavid’s LEAVING Records, one finds various influences to grab a hold on. From the
fast-paced, head spinning rhythms of Shangaan and artists like Nozinja, or the West African & Malian styling’s of artists like Ali Farka Touré and tuareg guitar music, High Wolf manages to find a common ground between different sounds, traditions and territories, using psychedelic music as the common bond. (Leaving Records)

France’s High Wolf possesses a natural-born ability to zero in on the tones most conducive to inducing transcendental states. Prolific without wearing out his welcome, this guitarist and manipulator of effects boxes looses fervid streams of fever-dreamy drones that suffuse any room they enter with mystery. High Wolf’s tracks carry the uncanny sense of sounding as if they’ve been sluicing since the beginning of time, and that he had the graciousness to siphon them for teasingly brief absorption before they shimmer off to the vanishing point. This elite droneur is one of the few musicians who could title a release A Guide To Healing without it coming off as an ironic gesture or a laughable boast. (Cop that 7” and try not to get a spring in your chakras).

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